Always the Rebel (Never The Bride Book 10)

Emily EK

Having been left at the altar, Sophia Worsley has vowed she would never let herself be taken for a fool again. Two broken engagements is enough for any woman to have to deal with. She needs something different in her life. She needs to break free from the chains of society. The Earl of Marnmouth, Philip Egerton, is surprised when a woman brings her best card game. He is intrigued by her and does everything he can to woo her. However, she is refusing to take the bait. Having been hurt too much in the past, Sophia is holding her cards close to her chest. Both of them are playing a game that could end in tears. But they are definitely both in it to win.

With two very headstrong characters in her story, Emily EK Murdoch has brought everything into this gem of a tale. Overflowing chemistry between Sophia and Philip practically burns the pages with sexual tension and a sexy game of cat and cat! “Always The Rebel” has two rebels fighting for control, which makes for a fantastic story. This book is an amazing addition to the Never the Bride series and definitely should not be missed. With an engaging plot, great character arcs, well written prose, and period-accurate dialogue, this novel is a must for any reading list. An awesome historical romance more than worthy of the genre!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick