Always the Mistress (Never the Bride Book 11)

Emily EK

Emma has been alone for most of her life and she enjoys it, learning how to survive on her own by becoming a mistress to the rich and famous. She is not looking for love, but for someone to take care of her. Abraham Fitzclarence, “Fitz”, is sweet and innocent and believes in love. He has been in love with Emma for as long as he can remember. When Emma finally notices him, he is hoping to make her his, and finally confesses his feelings. Maybe Emma can learn that true love exists after all.

“Always the Mistress” is a sweet historical romance that will have the reader believing in true love. Emily Murdock has done a wonderful job in describing how people dressed and behaved during that time. Emma was a mistress who was shunned by society and was not acceptable to marry anyone. She is extraordinarily strong considering all the abuse she suffered and was just trying to survive. Emma never expected to find love, or for any man to want her. One will not feel the chemistry between Fitz and Emma, but the reader will want to. Both characters are very likeable and believable, and the reader will love them. The pacing seems a little too slow, and could have had more action to move it along. Nevertheless, “Always the Mistress” (Book 11 in the Never the Bride series) is an enjoyable read. Readers may want to go back and read the rest of the books in the series in order to enjoy this addition even more.

Victoria Zumbrum