Always The Courtesan

Emily E.K.

Lady Horona Lennox has not gone by her real name since she was abducted and sold into a brothel.  Since that time, she has known nothing but unhappiness.  That is, until Josiah Stanhope, Earl of Chester walks through the door. Now, however she is faced with a terrible decision. If Madam has anything to say about it, she will be married off. But the alternative is remaining a courtesan for the rest of her life. But, does Horona really have a choice? Should she stay and find what little happiness she can or do as Madam instructs and leave?

Once readers turn the first page in this book, they won’t want to put it down and will hate for it to end! The story is very well put together and imaginatively well thought out. Relating to the main character and her horrendous plight is heart-breaking and understandable.  However, the protagonist’s character is hard to understand and figure out, making it a challenge to relate to him. Some of the quotes in the book were delightful and will make readers laugh out loud. The plot and conflict are well paced and written so readers become involved and easily understand the problems faced. This historical romance definitely immerses the reader in the time and era where choices were few and life could be very tragic for women. It is an excellent story that will make one anxious to see more of this author.

Jaclyn Dunlop