Always The Bridesmaid Never The Bride

Emily EK

Tabitha Chesworth has been a bridesmaid three times and is keen to finally get her turn as the bride. She is starting to worry her time will never come when she meets the Duke of Axwick. The Duke has vowed never to marry or have children due to the troubled men in his lineage. However, like most men, he craves the touch of a woman, and Miss Tabitha Chesworth is just the woman. Tabitha is determined not to give away her honor unless there is a ring on her finger. Will the Duke finally realize that his family past won't dictate his future? Or is he destined to spend his life alone?

A historical novel worthy of the genre with a varied cast of characters. Readers may find themselves relating to Tabitha and what she is going through. The Duke is a very difficult character to develop a likeness for. He is arrogant and has a bad attitude. As the book progresses, the question of whether they will find a happy ever after makes this a page turner. Passionate love scenes are well described and searing hot. The book could have done with a more thorough edit but other than that, it is a very enjoyable read. A nice short story to pass a couple of hours with on a rainy afternoon. All in all, a good story with a decent plot, well researched and excellently written. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick