Almost A Countess (Captivating Countesses Book 2)


Refusing to marry a man that is in love with another, Dora Harper was exiled to an empty country estate with only a skeleton staff to help her run the household. Without the assistance of a chaperone, Dora knows that she can never expect to meet an eligible gentleman unless her father changes his mind and calls her home. While coming from visiting a tenant, Dora happens upon Finn, an escaped convict, looking to be on death’s door. Not able to just leave him to die, Dora knows that bringing him home to nurse him back to health could end with an even more sullied reputation that cannot be repaired. With Finn planning to travel as soon as his ankle is healed, Dora realizes that she’d like to keep him around longer than anticipated, but will that put both their lives in danger as the soldiers continue to search for him?

This story will open any reader’s eyes to just a couple of the many injustices that could and often did take place during that period of time. Both Dora and Finn, suffering from their own adverse situations, slowly learn to trust and rely on each other throughout. Finn and Dora pull one ruse after another, but often find themselves backtracking and realizing that honesty may often be best. A unique storyline makes this an engaging and enjoyable read, however, some details seem to be left unfinished in the end or even unbelievable at times. A more thorough editing would have found the one too many errors overall. A sweet romance sure to keep one rooting for all to work out.

Marie Sanderson