All Things Returned (Sweet Lenora #3)


Anton and Lenora have created a haven in their little rose-covered cottage by the sea, basking in the glow of their profound love. Adding to their joy is the news that a tiny bundle will soon be joining their family.   With a new shipping venture with Lenoras brother, sailing lumber from Seattle to San Francisco, their lives are quite complete - until its time for Anton to set sail. Now their rose-colored world is beginning to unravel.

With Anton away at sea, the vultures suddenly descend on Lenora. Blackmailed for an inheritance she doesnt possess, Lenora is forced to take drastic measures to protect the ones she loves. But at what cost? Possibly her life.

All Things Returned continues the charming love story of Lenora and Anton. This time, though, its told from Lenoras perspective. Carbone continues to dazzle with easily-pictured settings and endearing characters. In this installment, the women have the opportunity to display their perseverance and grace under fire. The plot twists continue to intrigue and the love story remains beautiful giving readers a reason to endure the wait for the next addition to this tale. Thankfully, Carbone consistently produces timeless treasures that tide us over with the promise of more to come.       

Sofia St. Angeles