All the Appearance of Goodness

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As the third installment of Maria Grace's retelling of Pride and Prejudice begins Darcy and Elizabeth are finally aware of, and intrigued by, each other. The Bingleys arrive at Netherfield, and the ostracized Bennett girls prepare to marry off one of their own. Darcy is certainly struck by Elizabeth, but before he can make his intentions known, another suitor steps in and threatens his hopeful future. 

Much artistic freedom has been taken in regards to all of the characters and events involved in the romance of this famous fictional couple, but it only serves to add unseen depths to them both. Being inside Darcy's head and understanding his insecurities goes a long way toward eliminating his seemingly stoic nature. Instead, he comes across as shy and not at all uppity; in fact, he seems to be a staunch supporter of Elizabeth's family. While the basic nature of the story stays true, Elizabeth lost some of her brightness here as she deals with pressures of marrying for security. She is in the  middle of a love triangle, and is having a hard time finding out who is sincere in both character and affection, and who simply has “the appearance of goodness.” There are many different stories going on here - from Caroline Bingley's bratty behavior, to a Bennett wedding, to Colonel Fitzwilliam's new romance. "All the Appearance of Goodness" is the third book, and it would definitely benefit the reader to stick to the reading order.  It is an absolutely delightful and intuitive look into “what might have been”, had things happened just a little bit differently than the events in Pride and Prejudice.

Nicole Duke