All About That Duke – That Wicked O’Shea Family, Book 3


The youngest O'Shea sister, Lady Chloe, is a starry-eyed, bonny, impetuous young woman with a firm belief that astrology determines a person's life and the choices they make. Deane Crenshaw, Duke of Blackburn, running from a salacious, summer scandal in London, arrives in Ireland to stay with his aunt and find a bride. Instantly enchanted by Chloe whilst attending her sister's wedding, he seeks her out, and the two tumble quickly from friendship to lovers. Will Chloe leave her star-filled ruminations long enough to get past the society bullies and take on the attentions offered by “that Duke?” Will Deane be able to dodge the matchmaking efforts of his aunt and an ambitious marriage trap set by a black-hearted widow to claim the hand of the passionate Chloe O'Shea?

A high-spirited, humorous tale, "All About That Duke" is a very delightful and steamy foray into a love affair written in the stars! Chloe and Deane's connection blazes from the page the moment the two come together. Thankfully the societal rules of lords and ladies collapse into the black hole of passionate desires that can’t be denied. The matchmaking machinations of the women surrounding Deane are so strong that the tricks they try become the villain of the tale. Readers will find the O'Shea family's love for one another is a wonderful dynamic to experience for the first time or as a repeat performance. Ms. Farmer delivers a historical twist to the 'what's your sign' line that will charm readers with unique, witty, and seductive characters as they once again experience the independent nature of another awesomely wicked O'Shea sister.

Tonya Mathenia