Alice: The Betrayal (The Pine Lake Girls Book One)


Alice, Betty, and Lizzie have been best friends for as long as their adventurous minds can remember. As the Spanish Flu sweeps through their homes, Harry and Fin are on their way to their homes in Pine Lake after serving their time in the war. Nothing would make Alice happier than getting married to Harry. However, one of her best friends has her eyes and heart set on him. Is it Betty? How about Lizzie? Just how long will it take her to realize that one of her best friends is a traitor? While the hot soup begins to boil in their friendship pot, someone else takes the chance to declare his lifelong love for Alice.

What can satisfy a reader’s mind more than a fine book with amazing characters and plot? “Alice: The Betrayal” serves up a very fine character-driven story where the main characters get crazy, funny, loving, and adventurous while remaining resilient in the face of all the hardships that families experienced in 1918. The vulnerability of Alice leaves the reader rooting for her, no matter how stupid she may seem at times. Oh, the things that love makes a person do! The author did an amazing job painting a clear picture of the anguish that families went through during that time in history and how they overcame it. Although the beginning of the book offers much to chew through, the reader is treated to a savory delight once a clear picture of the setting settles onto their palate.

JM Lareen