Alec (The Scottish Outlaw #4)


MEDIEVAL:  Joanie is a servant who has known nothing but fear in her life. Sold from one ruthless master to another, the latest is the cruelest one yet —cold and merciless Randolph Tweed, an English merchant.  However, Randolph Tweed is not what he seems. In reality, he is Alec MacVie, a Scottish spy, rebel and seer, who first saw Joanie in his dreams. Alec knows he must rescue this woman, because if he does, she might be able to rescue him right back. 

The beginning of "Alec" is slow, and it takes a while for the two main characters to get to know each other. The romance too is a slow burn, but that is a good thing — as the characters are first established, and the reader gets to know their personalities first. Alec and Joanie have real chemistry between them, and the slow burn allows the reader to really connect with them. The two of them have an amazing bond, a tormented past, and their connection and love make it possible for them to heal each other. 

The author obviously knows the historical setting well; the many historical details make the world of Alex and Joanie come alive. The writing is excellent too. Apart from the slow start, “Alec” is definitely one of the best historical romance novels out there, and a worthy entry in The Scottish Outlaws series.

Majanka Verstraete