Aislin: All-Hallows’ Brides


William Croft, a Baron, has set out for Cornwall chasing his past and a dream. For three years he has dreamed of a woman, whom he calls her Aislin. Three years ago, his ship was attacked and sunk. All crew members on board were killed, except Croft. Memoryless, his dreams have haunted him, and he decides it is time to do some investigating. Aislin has walked the castle grounds for weeks, seemingly looking for someone or something. When she stumbles across William, her heart feels whole again. But they are not safe. Aislin knows why his ship was attacked, but she can’t tell him without sealing her own fate. Will love and the truth set them free? Not if a traitor in their midst has anything to say about it. 

“Aislin” is a romantic, fast-paced novella. Some authors would find it hard to pack so much adventure into a few pages, but not Ms. Platt; she does it with ease. The descriptiveness of the coastline of Cornwall, the angst Aislin fights within herself, and William’s unobscured demand for the truth all come together with the stroke of brilliant writing. This novella follows-up on “Pearls of Fire” and readers may want to start there to get the full scope of what brought these characters to where they are now.  This novella was also previously published as part of a series in 2019, so readers beware that this is not a new novella that was released. Grab a beverage, get comfortable, and enjoy a quick trip to the Cornwall coast of the past.

Alison Ellis