Agustina de Aragón


Agustina is the daughter of a blade-smith, who sneaks around the military barracks to learn more about the war between Britain and France. She is fiercely devoted to her country and is very stubborn and bullheaded like her grandfather. At the military barracks she crosses paths with a handsome soldier, Juan, who becomes smitten with her and pursues Agustina despite her objections. Juan has a devastating past that she learns about during his pursuit. When Napoleon orders Spain to be invaded, Juan and Agustina join the war to defend their country.

“Agustina de Aragon” is a beautiful, heartfelt love story that captures the power of unity and family. The story is based on true events that took place during a devastating war in Europe. Gail Meath has created tale that captures the devastation, heartache, and grief that is experienced during times of war. One will find the story and events totally believable and will feel that the author describes the time and characters for that period well. Juan and Agustina are extraordinarily strong characters who stand up to the enemy and fight back. Agustina especially shows much courage and strength, and does not let anyone stop her. The romance between them is strong, surviving hardships that affect them both as a couple, and separately. The pacing of the story does drag a little at times. Nevertheless, Ms. Meath has told a wonderful tale that will leave the reader completely satisfied with a delightful ending.   

Victoria Zumbrum