Against the Wind


REGENCY:  Katherine, Lady Egerton, is on the run. Killing a man is not something taken lightly, after all, especially when said man is an aristocrat. She runs to her dear friend Abby, who just happens to be an owner of London's premier brothel and there, thanks to a misunderstanding, she meets Sir Martin Powell. The next morning she disappears. Martin is willing to do anything to find his Kitten, because she touched something in him he considered long dead. Now all he needs to do is figure out what he's going to do once he finds her, especially in light of his latest assignment for the Crown. 

While set in the Regency period, what distinguishes this book is the fact that it shows the not so splendorous aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, the poverty and hard life of ordinary people.  As for Kit and Martin, there were some times in their relationship when the jump to intimacy and deeper feelings was hard to believe, but there were also moments that were just about perfect. Both the main characters were likable, but they still had flaws that made them more human. Unfortunately, there were also moments when their actions and emotions didn't make sense, or fit the characters as written. Nevertheless, "Against the Wind" is a delightful romp that will leave a reader looking for a refreshing Regency novel satisfied!


Ana Smith