Affaire De Coeur

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It is spring in France, the year 1770, and Madeline Dumont is staying with her friend Colette, daughter of Marquis Du Lorme while her father, a spice merchant, is away on a business trip.   Although her humble status has her shunned by the aristocracy, she is quickly thrown into the decadent world of society parties.  Madeline would rather be invisible, particularly during Colette’s scandals and association with Vachel, the Chevalier Gautier. By chance she meets Comte Lucien De Laurent,  a recluse who has not made an appearance into society for some time.  As his influence stretches to Paris and the court of Versailles, all of the mademoiselles are hoping to have an opportunity to win favor with the Comte.  But it is Madeline's influence that he hopes to gain... along with her heart. 


Madeline is a demure, delicate, somewhat naive but sweet character. Colette is her complete opposite, high strung, seductive, vindictive and spoiled.  Lucien is dashing and will sweep readers off their feet with his alluring love letters and secret rendezvous!  Their love story holds no guarantees of a happy ending and occasionally one may tire of the few too many games of cat and mouse. Their first kiss however is absolutely enchanting and the moments of heartbreak arrive with such intensity that a box of tissues is mandatory! This story also holds a wonderful insight to women’s lives  of this era with its social graces and extensive descriptions of the elaborate fashions. Although occasionally long- winded, the details are enchanting.  Overall, a flirtatious story with debauchery and ribaldry that is as alluring as it is captivating!


Margaret Faria