Adorned in Violet (Colors of Scandal Book 6)


Lilian Fernsby is a widow enduring the London spring of 1819. She found love with her deceased husband and hopes to find it again but puts on a happy act each evening as she attends society events. Her lonely heart is breaking inside, because she misses being loved and misses her husband and daughter, who both passed away from a fever five years earlier. Her brother, Elliot, is the newly minted Viscount Aldridge, who is dealing with the pressures and duties of the title, and misses the fact that someone is sending Lilian threatening notes. When he discovers this disturbing news, he immediately sends for his childhood friend, Thaddeus Carrington, a Bow Street Runner and an investigator. Lilian has known Thad her entire life, and even had a childhood crush on him, but he always thought her a nuisance, since he and Elliot are a decade older. To keep Lilian safe, they pretend to be courting.

Lilian and Thad are both flawed and protective of their innermost selves. They do share a few of the same quirky habits, like using arcane words in everyday conversations. Thad sees through Lilian’s protective armor, which is what she has been searching for all along. There is an underlying tension to the story as Thad’s time is split between protecting Lilian from her stalker and searching for a serial killer on the loose in London. The pacing is appropriate, as the story is propelled forward seemingly effortlessly. There is tension, but it’s not overpowering. The descriptive writing skill demonstrated within this book makes it a delightful and believable read. An absolute page-turner from start to finish!

Carey Sullivan