Reviews - Historical

A Duke, Love, & Sunshine

Iona Richards leaves her home to try and make it in a male dominated society. She is alone, until she meets the Duke of Rosewood. Iona wants to work as a landscape architect, and she is very good at her job. She goes around trying to find jobs to showcase her talent.

The Light of Love: A Heart’s Through History Winter Anthology
Ruth A. Casie, Joan Koster, Heather Hallman, Opal Iden, Doreen Jensen,
Jaylee Austin, Niki J. Mitchell, Elf Ahearn, Julia Masters

ANTHOLOGY: Composed of ten short stories, this anthology runs readers sporadically through history, jumping through different love stories. As a bonus, readers get to watch each of the protagonists fall in love during the time of the winter solstice.

The Creole Duchess

In Place Publique, New Orleans, Caleb Reginald Elmond Wirtham, Duke of Margris goes simply by Caleb “Cal” Elmond to do business with a local bookseller. Caleb, while there, witnesses the sensual dancing of the ethereal Miss Celestine “Celie” St Cyr-Duval. Cal is instantly drawn to Celie despite the warnings to avoid her because of her dubious, questionable background.

Under the Java Moon
Heather B.

What would you do if you found yourself suddenly forced to leave behind everything you knew? Rita is only a child when her family is forced out of their home and into an internment camp near their Netherland East Indies (now Indonesia) home. For three years she was forced to live in dangerous—and often deadly conditions—alongside her younger brother, pregnant mother, and elderly Oma.

Emilie Wilshire has been distraught and lonely since her best friend, Caitriona Murray, left her to go back to her husband in a time 1400 years ago. She still struggles to accept her new reality and focuses on spending all her time in her archaeological work. However, when she makes a recent discovery about her own ancestry, she longs for her best friend more than ever.