The Accidental Groom (Mad Matchmaking Men of Waterloo #2)

Barbara Devlin

Miss Patience Wallace is the daughter of General Wallace, who lost his reputation and fell to gambling and drinking. Since her mother passed, Patience is left to make up for her father’s shortcomings, when her father sells her to Lord Rawden in a marriage agreement. Lord Rawden claims to never find love and preferred not to take a wife, while Patience only dreams of marrying once she found love. Now the two must learn to navigate their new situation, but Lord Rawden hides a secret threat lurking around that may endanger him or his new countess. 

“The Accidental Groom” begins strong, with Lord Rawden swooping in to offer support for Miss Patience and her family as she struggles to buy groceries and household supplies. This sets the tone for how Patience feels about Lord Rawden, while also incorporating the situation that the Wallace family is in as well. From there, the story picks up speed fairly quickly; however, the middle slows down quite a bit, and the focus is largely on Patience struggling to accept her union and learning about marital duties. The threat that looms over Lord Rawden is known early on, but it does not come alive until the end of the novel. Overall, Barbara Devlin created a story full of struggle, passion, and fear that intertwine with an accidental love. 


Sadie Wilson