The Accidental Duke (The Mad Matchmaking Men of Waterloo #1)


Those who fought in the Battle of Waterloo come home with both visible and invisible scars. Anthony is a major in the Army and lost his older brother - and his arm. With the loss of his brother, Anthony is now the heir to the Dukedom and now he must marry Lady Arabella. Lady Arabella does not want to marry anyone, and refuses to be a man’s property. It is obvious that her betrothed is dealing with severe PTSD from the war, and she is determined to help him. It becomes evident that they are made for each other. There is only one problem: Anthony’s father doesn’t understand the wounds that his son endured and wants him committed to an asylum. Only Arabella and Anthony’s friends can help him.

What an enchanting new series! This book is an absolutely delight from beginning to end with its unforgettable characters and unforgettable villains! To this day, there is still a stigma on PTSD and mental health, but even more so at the beginning of the 19th century. How the courageous wounded warriors were treated is unfathomable. While these subjects are difficult to read about, it is also important. The sad topics are offset by the quirky banter and delightful characters. This group of friends tease and make fun of each other, but are also fiercely protective of one another. While there are serious subjects and fun moments, there is also a great deal of suspense. The ending of this book will have readers counting down the minutes until the release of book two!

Amanda Hupe