Abigail's Journey (The Catskills Saga, #1)

Jean C. Joachim,
Michael Magness

When their landlord evicts the Chesney family, Abigail is devastated. Her happy world with a husband she loves and three healthy children has been built in Danbury. Yet, after a letter arrives from Fitch’s Eddy summoning the Chesneys to help run the family inn, Abigail is hopeful the change will fix everything. Journeying to the tiny Catskill logging town, Abby must discover a strength she didn’t know she had, and when fate deals the family a terrible blow, she and her family will need to find new hope, love, and strength in an untamed area where anything can happen.

A historical, multi-generational tale set shortly after the American Revolutionary War, “Abigail’s Journey” combines a little drama, a little love, and a lot of determination in a sweeping tale of sweet romance. Full of pioneer/early settler circumstances, this tale focuses on Abigail’s growth and love, and begins telling that of her children as they grow. Although the later stories are merely touched on, as if setting the stage for multiple books about this family. Additionally, there are several points of view explored and many vibrant sensual emotions that some readers will find engrossing. The side characters and antagonists are fairly simple, and the conflict is mostly internalized in Abigail’s personal growth and decisions and focuses less on her love-life or goals. A hint of modern attitudes and thoughts feel out of place in this historical setting. Still, lovers of historical romance will finish the pages of this book wanting the next and guessing at the direction many of the side characters will take!

Sarah E Bradley