Abandoned to the Prodigal (Season of Scandal Book 2)


Lady Juliet and three friends are set up by a bad man and the scandal ruins their reputations. Scared, she seeks refuge with her fiancé and his family.  Instead of supporting and believing in Juliet, her fiancé kicks her out of his parent’s home. Alone and afraid, she uses the last of her money to take a coach home and meets Daniel and his dog who have been called to his grandfather’s estate.  The connection and attraction between them are instant and she truly has found a friend who will watch out for Juliet during their journey. Juliet knows she can rely on Daniel being there for her and enjoys his company and their conversations so much. Somewhere along their friendship blossoms into love.

“Abandoned to the Prodigal” is a beautiful and captivating love story that will leave the reader wanting more. The author has created complex and engaging characters that one will love… even the bad guys. The connection and friendship between Juliet and Daniel are wonderfully authentic and one will enjoy how love develops slowly between them. The story is fast paced and entertaining with brilliant dialogue. The author does a great job in describing scandals during the regency period and society’s reactions. “Abandoned to the Prodigal” is Book 2 in the Season of Scandal series and can be read as a standalone, but readers should read the first book in the story to learn more about the scandal and characters.  The story is a must read for anyone who enjoys a great historical romance!

Victoria Zumbrum