Aaron (Pirate Lords Series, Book 3)


Aaron Fisher will not have any more women aboard his ship. His grandmother is already on board and causing problems. When he goes into town to find some new members for his crew, he discovers the final piece he needs to find his late father’s treasure. What makes it worse is that the piece was stolen from him by a woman who is now working with his arch nemesis. Miriam MacAvey is a pirate through and through, but she also has noble blood in her veins. She has ended up with her grandfather and is trying the best she can to impress him. When she is taken captive by pirate Aaron Fisher, she doesn’t expect to have her feelings begin to run riot and develop an affection for him. His ship is thrown into chaos and Aaron has to work hard to get everything in order, including his growing love for Miriam.

Elizabeth Rose has written a dynamic, humorous and entertaining novel that will be enjoyed by a lot of readers. What stood out right away was the attention to detail with regards to the dialogue, specifically the slang used by the pirates. It makes the story jump right off the page and takes a tight hold on the reader. The passion between Aaron and Miriam is red hot. “Aaron” has everything that a historical pirate novel could ever need - adventure, treasure, varied characters that one will love, and love to hate. “Aaron” is an awesome addition to the Pirate Lords series, and one that will definitely draw in more readers!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick