Reviews - Historical

Pretty Pride

Families who settled in the frontier of America had grit or died. Some died anyway, often from reasons undiscovered for years. Zola Pretty and her younger brother Forest find their family homestead up for auction, and themselves included in the property sale as ranch hands, just to keep a roof over their heads. Ms.

Lady Esther Harington is determined not to marry the lord her father and stepfather have arranged for her. A chance encounter with Samuel Moore, barrister and eldest son of a viscount, offers her a way out. By giving the appearance of a courtship, Lady Esther can use the Season to find the man she can love, while Samuel can show the woman who spurned him that he is over her.

Set in 1816, this book is filled with rich detail and intriguing characters. Lady Harriet Manning (Hattie) is practicing to be a physician. Her father, a well-known doctor, has been training her at his side for years. Now she can do much of what he can do. When Asheton, Earl of Lockford, is injured by his horse, he is taken to the clinic where Lady Harriet is working.

1030 C.E. The king of Engla-lond, Cnute, has ordered his son, Harald Harefoot, to travel to Erui-lond to unseat the current king, as he is too strong. King Cnute wishes to replace Rhydderch ap Iestyn with a weak, malleable king, Iago. Harald would prefer to stay with his wife, Selia, who has recently had a miscarriage. They have their own property they work and tenants who depend upon them.

Gabrielle has just returned from Paris at her father, the king’s, bidding. He suspects he is dying and wishes to see her wed before he passes. He has one offer for her; Robert Cauchon, le Marquis de Nantes, wishes her to wed his son, Ugolin. Gabrielle is repulsed.