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Thursdays at Coconuts

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Suzy is a wedding planner with a spotty track record when it comes to finding her own wedded bliss. Her friend Alex works as marketing director at the local bank. Chronically late, on one particular day she runs into Sgt. Tony Montgomery, a married cop. There is an attraction between the two. Sgt.


Both 17 years old, Will and Missy are best friends. When things with her mother get too heated, he is the person she chooses to lean on. Her favorite stepfather, Martin, has recently moved out; her older sister Ruth has shown less than stellar judgment and is now mother to three-year-old Veronica.

The Man I Love

Erik Fiskare is the son of a builder and a piano teacher. His teachers guide him into theater in high school, where he thrives.  From there, he minors in theater in college and meets Daisy, a dancer and the love of his life.

The Trouble With Dying

CHICK-LIT:  Faith Carson wakes up only to find she is hovering over her own body lying on a hospital bed. She has no idea how she got there and worst of all, she has no memory of anything, not even her own name. She watches as a handsome man comes to visit and pours his heart out to her. She reasons that this must be her husband. He spends hour after hour with her.

FANTASY:  Ada is tiny, but she is both an Edren and a warrior, an uncommon mixture. She feels the pull of the battle in her very blood. Ada is a sorceress and is learning spells to become an even mightier warrior. Christian, who is a Carules and a healer, is in love with Ada.