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Marla is a hairstylist busy with her salon and baby Ryder. When her mom, Anita, calls because a dead body was found in her shower during a remodel, Marla gets pulled into sleuthing. Marla’s husband, Dalton, is a homicide detective willing to help with what he can, but it isn’t his case.

On her own for the first time, Miss Sophie Upchurch is in trouble. She is to be a companion to Lady Parkhurst, but upon arriving in Southampton, learns the lady has passed. Walking back towards the inn, she is robbed and then the sky opens up and she is caught in a torrential rainstorm. Finally arriving, she sees Mr. Henry Meredith, who had ridden the coach with her.

Mrs. Wilhelmina (Mina) Hewitt meets Mr. James Dale at a ball and sparks fly when they touch. Minutes later, her husband, George accuses her of having many lovers. Several men admit to it. Mr. Dale watches them with contempt as they leave the ball. It was merely an act so they could get a divorce so George could marry his sweetheart.

Ariana Stanton, the illegitimate daughter of Lord Lytton, writes him when her mother dies, leaving her nowhere to go. Surprisingly, Lytton invites her to live in his home and enjoy the rest of the season to hopefully find her a husband. His wife, Lady Lytton is tasked with turning Ariana into an acceptable member of the ton and presenting her to the queen.

Hildegard Templeton challenges herself to transform the Rogue King, Tobias Streer, into someone the ton will accept as the husband for Lady Matilda. The marriage is in name only, because she is interested in practicing medicine, but her father is insisting on wedlock. When Hildy sets eyes on Tobias, she is almost at a loss for words.