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Rodeo King (Dustin Lovers: Book One)
Char Chaffin,
Cheryl Yeko

WESTERN:  Caleb Johnson is a rodeo bull rider on the national circuit.

Max Logan is back in black . . . leather, that is. Shes over the death of her ex, Roger-the-Proctologist, and finally ready to move on.

When Marilou Dickson disappears after a blind date with an online acquaintance, its her Mah Jongg club partners who sound the alarm.

Fans of "Pride and Prejudice" will devour this regency romance, which is a variation on aforementioned novel. Mr. Bennet is a doctor, and is hired by Lady Catherine DeBourgh to take care of her ailing daughter, Anne.

Deciding Fate

Hunter Simms has had to overcome a lot of hardships in life; losing his parents as a teen and raising his younger brother and sister was just the beginning.  He had to make a lot of tough decisions and doesn