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Seize the Flame
Lynda J.

Jessica Dupre is out of options and has to make a choice - stay and face her accusers, or flee the life she has hastily built for herself.

Cassidy Clark, a private eye and crime novelist, is hired by the Tucson PD to assist on the investigation of a possible serial killer.

Alasdair Colquhoun, the new Marquess of Cairn, has returned to Scotland and been given the responsibility of discovering the identity of the thief and highwayman attacking trave

Novelista Girl

CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Kimberly Long's profession as a legal secretary is about to change when she writes her first manuscript and is ready to take on the literary world. A

Gone Wild

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  After a fender bender leads to being sentenced to thirty days' community service work with troubled teens at a wilderness camp, Bly Daniels isn’t convinced that she shouldn't have taken