Recent Reviews

Isle of the Blessed

Josephine “Joie” MacAdams has kept the secret of the DeReyne heirloom sword ever since her late mother told her about it. Legend states that only the man she trusts with her heart, her life or her love will be worthy of the gladius.

Love For Sale

SCI-FI/FANTASY:  Newly divorced and just turned 40, March Morgan wonders if she’ll ever find true love.

A Demon’s Witch

Based in Washington D.C., Bruce is a 600-year-old demon, Overlord of the Western Hemisphere and owner of Wycked Hair Salon.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Rock'n'roll heartthrob Joe Campbell has thousands of screaming fans, but it’s the one quiet girl in the front row that stops the show.

Lyleia is a nymph without a spring. What she does have is a thousand-year boyfriend dry spell. A consultant firm places her as an Executive Assistant to a billionaire demigod.