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After what feels like a lifetime of tragedy Kendall Aasgaard has decided to return home.  She drops off the radar in Portland and hopes to leave her most recent catastrophe behind.  Returning to her hometown in Minnesota seems like the safest bet, and after sixteen years she prays that Ben Montgomery is still around to help keep her safe — and maybe develop into a little more?

Tori Rourke has been dealt a bad hand in life.  After ten years in prison for a crime she did not commit, she has finally been released.  She’s learned a new trade and is determined to put her

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Jenna Sinclair is looking to soothe her wounded ego after a nasty breakup by visiting her favorite location in San Francisco, but while walking the beach she is suddenly transported through a portal that catapults her back in time to Berwyck Castle, England in 1182.  


Carissa must redefine her life. The small town girl who wants nothing to do with her family ties to the town’s crime boss, Callum DeMateo, is no more.


Reed is on the top of his game when he meets his new client, Marin.  Marin and Reed have an instant attraction that does not disappoint, but Marin is a werewolf.