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George Edwards awakens from what seems to be a dream in a beautiful - but very peculiar - place.  When Reginald Hutchins, DEI Level 32, introduces himself and begins his "Exit Interview", he is told that he is actually dead.  It comes as quite a shock to say the least!  Not only is he dead, but he has a fan club!  Unab

Lucia Mpobo-Riddell works in the music industry as a talented musician, singer, dancer, and songwriter.  A satisfying one-night stand with a man named Marcus has her feeling on top of the world until she discovers he is Marcus Grant, a renowned songwriter, and he has been brought in to collaborate on her most recent pr

PARANORMAL:  Olga Gay Worontzoff and her boyfriend, Nate, are dead.  They are currently in Limbo (one of the four realms of the Underworld) and instead of proceeding on to Heaven, they choose to be spirit guides to the recently deceased.  Olga hopes this will give her a chance to find out what happened to her best frie

The Traveler

Edana travels the Six Kingdoms with her faithful horse, Midnight, working as a courier.  One day she stumbles into trouble and gets pulled into the realm of the Fae, where she learns her beloved horse is actually a Pooka – part Elf, part animal – and his Elven form is quite handsome!  Edana also discovers that she is the daughter of the Elven Mistress of Night and a Fire Elemental, two very pow

When Sara McMillan finds a bunch of journals in a storage unit she gets a lot more than she bargained for.  The erotic journals are written by a woman named Rebecca, the unit owner, and show a dark descent into BDSM.  By the time she is finished reading, Sara fears that she might not be alive.