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PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Traci Campbell and her younger sister Fiona are exploring the Highlands while on vacation, in an effort to reconnect.

MEDIEVAL:  Sir Lucien de Russe bears the moniker the Iron Knight. He has gained this not for his attitude, but for his seemingly immunity to harm.

TIME TRAVEL:  Cursed to an immortal, yet unbearable, existence, Isaac Parker seeks to reunite with the love of his life, his soul mate across time.

STEAMPUNK:  Amelia Everley has spent the majority of her life as crew of the Mercury airship.

Twila’s Tempest

Twila is stuck in her grief. After losing both of her parents, she clings to what remains of them, their home in a Florida retirement community and the friends that come with it. Day in and day out Twila exhausts herself running errands, serving as a taxi, a repairman, fitness instructor - she does it all.  However, that leaves little time for her, which is precisely how she likes it.