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A Fence Around Her

HISTORICAL:  It’s 1900 in Bodie, a California mining town that has seen better days. Ruth Conoboy lives with her father, head machinist at the town’s stamp mill, and her mother, who suffers because of the town’s unforgiving double standard against former whores like her.

Diagnosed with consumption and given only months to live, Honoria Bonneville makes a decision - she’s wasted too much of her life with her controlling father and bossy older sisters.

Audrey Evans learns not to trust anyone early on, courtesy of a childhood spent in a trailer park with a drug-addicted, alcoholic mother and no father in sight. Even so she works her way through college and lands a job as a sideline announcer for ESPN.

Broken Fate (Threads of the Moirae)
Jennifer Allis

Holding people's lives in your hand is a daunting task, but when you are the third goddess of fate and your name is Atropos, it’s what you do.  Unwilling to form relationships with the humans she is charged with and eventually snipping their life thread, Atropos has lived a lonely life.  Forever encouraged to make friends, even of the human variety, by her father, Zeus, and her mother Themis, G

After an unfortunate relationship with a wealthy man, Gina has sworn off serious entanglements.  During her best friend's wedding at a vineyard, Gina meets a bartender that makes her want to throw caution in the wind… at least for one night.  Hunter was used to one-night stands with tourists; however the Vineyard owner wasn’t expecting Gina’s instant attraction to result in anything beyond the