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SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Paradise 21 looms on the horizon! After traveling through space for generations, their final destination is, at last, in view. Most of the people aboard the New Dawn haven’t even set foot on land, so a bit of trepidation is to be expected.

Talk To Me

Olivia has been in love with her best friend Daniel for as long as she can remember. Timing has never been on her side as she has never been able to express her true feelings to him. There has always been a bad luck streak of mixed messages and misunderstandings.

Melissa D’Angelo is done with being the only twenty-three year old virgin in Seattle. She makes it her goal to find a lover with no strings attached before she starts medical school.

Sadie Sapiens

Emma is a junior in high school and is barely getting by - and trying everything she can to stay off of the social radar. After her childhood dog dies, her mother tries to cheer her up by bringing home a tiny Chihuahua. Emma names her Sadie and they quickly form a bond.

It’s just days before her wedding when Leslie Stone finds her fiancé in bed with her maid of honor.