Recent Reviews

Heart of Design

HUMOR:  Sophie Hartland is the proprietor of Hartland Designs and an interior decorator in California. She meets her biggest client to date thanks to her best friend Poppy, a party planner, who she helps out from time to time.

Stairway to Heaven

PARANORAMAL:  Sixteen-year-old child actress Minx never thought she would meet her demise on stage - courtesy of an out-of-control reindeer! When Minx finds herself in Heaven, she’s surprised to find she’s alone. No pearly gates or greetings from St. Peter for her.

What do you get when you mix together one gorgeous male, one meticulous female, and a heap of chemistry? You get “The Secret Ingredient!”  Short order cook by day, bartender by night, Nate Garner is in the midst of try-outs for a reality cooking show, thanks to his sister!

SPORTS:  Rico Choate is a well-known MMA celebrity and a regular Casanova. His life is filled with one night stands and champion wins until a chance coffee errand lands him in the same shop with a beautiful deaf barista. 

Swept Away (Volume 1)

“Swept Away: Volume One” is the first in a four-novella series by Jennifer Haymore. The main character, Tara, is ready to push her limits on a cruise with four other people after an accident left her walking with a cane.