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Sizzle in the Snow: A Soul Mate Christmas Collection
Beth Carter, Amy Deason, Crystal Firson, C.D. Hersh, Kim Hotzon,
Ryan Jo Summers, Tina Susedik, Cheryl Yeko, Char Chaffin

Several authors team together in a Christmas collection, offering sizzling romance stories for the season. Eight holiday romances are packed into one volume, the first of which is “Santa Baby”, where we meet Brooke. Pregnant from a one-night stand and due to deliver near Christmas, she is not expecting much from her baby's father.

FANTASY:  Dragshi are humans who can exchange bodies with dragons. Talann is the son of two dragon lords but needs a twinned dragon soul for his powers to awaken.

REGENCY:  Philomena Pomfrett is on the fringe of society, trying to make a decent marriage for herself during her one and only season.

Lucie Croft is heading toward a new life in Tennessee as a mail-order bride.

Bree Adams is tired of being the mousy librarian and makes a New Year’s resolution to put herself out there more.