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Miss Rose Sweetly is a shy, reserved woman of science, hampered by both her sexuality and the color of her skin. Intelligent beyond belief, Rose is forced to sit back in the shadows unless someone takes notice of her skills. Thankfully, Dr. Barnstable has done just that, allowing Rose to learn and enjoy the wonders of the universe. Mr.

Hers by Request
Karen Ann

Devlyn MacMurphy fought for his country, sacrificing his future in battle. The emotional scars he bears are larger than the visible ones. He lives life moment to moment, intent on completing one last mission. He has a promise to keep. 

A Glimmer of Guile
Mary Patterson

FANTASY:  Vivia has the guile - magic flows in her blood, strong magic. Trained by Taso Raym, she is sent to Ladygate to finish her education due to her sex. Raym is a recluse male, she a young woman.

HISTORICAL:  Rema has lived a normal life in her region of Greenwood Island raised by her Uncle Kar and Aunt Maya; loving the horses her uncle breeds, yet dreaming of adventures elsewhere.

Romance author Dakota Laurens lives her love life through her writing and she doubts the validity of true love. Doctor Walt Eddy doesn’t have time for relationships; his life is dedicated to helping others.