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SCI-FI:  In a time where sea drones harvest seaweed for a major food company, lives a being eagerly seeking to break the monotony of her existence.  Coral quietly hungers for change and covertly seeks new experiences.  During one of her secret adventures, she rescues a man from a sinking boat.  Una


PARANORMAL/NON-FICTION:  “Forevermore” is an autobiography of an ordinary life that meshes with the extraordinary. Since she was a girl, Ms. Kristy Robinett has been gifted with abilities that allow her to reach into the beyond.

On the Fly

Jacey Vaughn is young, confident and has barely hung her new MBA in a frame when her father passes away and she inherits his father’s NHL team after he passes.

Lawyer Brent Marks takes on the government in a case that challenges freedom in America. Investigator Rick Penn stands by his friend’s side, from start to finish, protecting him from the evil people willing to kill Marks in order to silence him.

HISTORICAL:  Lady Ayla von Luntberg lived a privileged life. Sheltered in Luntberg Castle with her father’s steward guiding her, she runs the kingdom in her ailing father’s stead. Life takes a drastic turn when the Margrave von Falkenstein throws down the gauntlet.