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Remember The Past

Widower Fitzwilliam Darcy wants for nothing, especially a wife. However, his life turns upside down when his new neighbors move in.

MYSTERY:  Teacher and part-time race car driver Remy Borden wants to become the first woman from the Cayman Islands to race internationally. After sustaining an injury during a qualifying race, her injuries are treated by Dr.

Fashion model JC Mathews usually used a strict set of dating guidelines - until she let her guard down with the wrong man.

Ruse & Romance

HISTORICAL:  Aging debutante Kitty Beaucroft needs a fiancé, but gossip and rumors have unjustly branded her a flirt.

Working in her family’s diner Lea Gablonski enjoys daily interaction with the sexiest man alive, even though he sees her as a kid sister.  Battalion Supply Sergeant Benjamin Wyne thrives on order and control in his full time career in the National Guard, and in his personal life.