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SCI-FI/STEAMPUNK:  Jacob is a smuggler and reluctant member of the Resistance movement against the Iron Empire—humanoid demons who have taken over Earth for its iron stores and have sterilized most of humanity.  The Lifemaker ho

“Trunk” Mahoney’s wife, Mary, has just informed him by text message that she is divorcing him. He knew things weren’t good, but had no clue they were that bad.

Henrietta has always been in love with Julian, but the only marriage proposal she has received was one from a soldier, now dead.

Please Release Me

Sally has it all: physical beauty, a rich, handsome husband and a beautiful home. Then she is in a horrible car accident and is in a coma for months.

The Emperor’s Concubine

POST APOCALYPTIC:  It is graduation day for Ocean and her friends, Danika and Sol. This is the day that they will get their assignments for jobs in the city.