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Wrecked (Love Edy #3)

"Wrecked" touches on the lives of Edy and Hassan, two young adults caught between falling in love with each other and the traditions that threaten their relationship.

Broken Wide Open

When Grace catches her husband of three hours with her Maid of Honor, she has to get away, and ends up travelling to Bora Bora for her honeymoon by herself. While there, she meets handsome hunk Leo, a marine biologist. Leo is very interested in Grace and makes a point of inviting her to join him in his daily treks.

Widow Grace Stannous runs from the ancestral home of her husband when his cousin Charles and his wife descend upon her.

Two Italian grandfathers make a pact that their grandchildren - one a boy, the other a girl - who are born on the same day, will wed. Now Antonio has flown to the United States to meet Lucia so he can get his meddling grandfather to leave him alone. He is sure there will be no chemistry between him and Lucia and that will be the end of his grandfather’s blackmail.

Up Too Close
Andrea K. Stein,
Sawyer Stone

CeCe has a job in Portugal but no way to get there until she runs into René, a playboy sea captain she despises. He needs a first mate to get an aging wooden yacht to England and from there, he has promised to put CeCe on a plane to Portugal. At first, part of René's goal is to get CeCe in his bed and CeCe’s goal is to stay out of it.