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PARANORMAL:  For centuries Talib, the immortal embodying the element of Judgment, has watched as his fellow immortals were reincarnated over and over again. His job has been to protect them and guide them as they have awakened. However, despite his position as guardian, he has never fully understood his own power or known what his brother Hotan fully planned.

Sapphire Pavilion
David E.

Steve Stilwell is working on building his law practice with the addition of a new associate Casey, when his former Navy JAG Corps buddy Ric Stokes is arrested in Vietnam for dru

Bellamy and The Brute

PARANORMAL:  Bellamy McGuire knows all about being an outcast.

Dawn on the Road

CHRISTIAN:  Dawn feels trapped by her family’s expectations for her future. She dreams of being a professional photographer and is suddenly given an opportunity to gauge her chances for success when she runs into an old friend. Justin is touring the country on the back of his motorcycle when he sees Dawn again.

Chasing Someday

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Three women all share one heart-wrenching secret: despite years of trying, praying, hoping, wishing, and planning, motherhood is out of reach.