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SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  For the past decade, Macy lived a life on the run. She does not have the normal life of an average American teenager because she was Chosen. As one of the warrior children tasked with saving humanity, they fight against things unseen - demons, dark spirits - determined to take over the world. Under the care of her Watcher, Bastian, they search for the final Chosen child.

CHICK-LIT:  Cambria Clyne's life is a bonafide mess. She needs a boyfriend, a job and a place to live and not necessarily in that order.

Camila Villarreal has always aspired to make it as a barrel racer on the rodeo circuit.

Lennox Cooper is a former Portland cop who has reinvented herself as a private investigator.

Diamond in the Rough
Lori L.

WESTERN:  Gina Montgomery is a single mom who runs a scrapbook store.