Recent Reviews

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Tandy Owens should be having the time of her life. Her friends, not to mention her boyfriend, are part of the upper echelon of society.


Annabelle C. Doyle (Acie to her friends), is a former fashion model and tenured professor at a small college. She’s also part of a group trying to establish a wildlife sanctuary on a donated parcel of land, but when the donor dies under mysterious circumstances, Acie calls in the help of fellow professor Ike Adler to solve the case.

When Noah Hunter first arrives in town, everything about him appeals to Maya Greene – besides the fact he’s a shifter. Maya has despised shifters ever since she was attacked by one of them years ago, and has a hard time trusting Noah because of this. 

The Elect
Laura Wadsworth

DYSTOPIAN:  The Foundation rules Belstrana with an iron fist, controlling citizens with an army of trained child soldiers. Seventeen-year-old August was one of these soldiers.

The Wind from the North
Barbara Gaskell

Skarga’s life has been a brutal one.