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Casey Montgomery has had her fair share of bad relationships and decides that it’s time to find a dependable man who doesn’t have a bad boy instinct in him.

Deadly Secrets

Detective Inspector Flynn and forensic pathologist Lily are thrust into a game of cat and mouse when a body of a student is found bearing the bite of an Egyptian Cobra. The second Flynn meets Lily, he’s smitten and wants her in his bed.

Way out of her depth, Sam Kendall arrives at River Sigh B&B to meet Aisha, the daughter she gave up for adoption seventeen years before. Like history repeating itself, her daughter is also heavily pregnant.

Gyllis Campbell attends the Beltane Festival in the hopes of catching the eye of Sir Sean MacDougall. Everything seems to be going to plan until Sir Sean is called away on urgent family business.

Lily Jenkin is a young woman filled with compassion, strength, love, and life. She is forced to use all of these when the mine where her brothers work, has an explosion.