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Meagan is an investigative reporter who has stumbled upon material for a series of stories that will make her career. A.J. is a hitman for The Magic Shop, the name of a conglomerate that has interests in prison breaks, drug dealing, and prostitution. Their paths cross when A.J. is sent to give her a message to lay off the stories about The Magic Shop before she gets killed.

Right Time for Love

Brandy Wyne understood that a new job would mean a new town, new neighbours, and a new adventure. It was a welcome changeespecially when it meant she could leave her ex behind.


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  She sees dead people. Well, okay, not all dead people, just two. Isabella and Jack.

Savannah Payne, the actress, is a star who has it all together. Savannah Davis, the woman, is a hot mess.

His family owns Ellis Plaza. Her mother cleans it. Azar Rousch is more than focused - she’s determined. She has big plans to excel in her studies and become the best she can be as an entrepreneur—and frilly chorus classes aren’t part of that strategy.