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Although still just in high school, Mia Crawford has had to deal with more scary things than imaginable! As a “Prophet”, she not only sees the angels, demons and monsters that dwell among us, she also has visions of things to come.  The only thing saving her from going crazy at times is the love of her lifetimes, Michael.

Charlie was never like most girls.

URBAN FANTASY:  As a “Hafling” (part fae, part human) Aria grew up knowing her life was set as a warrior.  But at only 17 years old she is cast out of the supernatural organization that trained her entire

HISTORICAL:  Matthew and Annabelle are in Elmira, NY, looking down into a prison camp trying to find his brother George. With so many Confederate prisoners, finding him seems impossible.

Mission Trip
Theo Jr.

CHRISTIAN/DYSTOPIAN:  Nearly thirty years after the fall of the worlds’ governments, most of the planet has been reduced to roving bands of savages - some simply trying to survive, others out to kill.