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SCI-FI:  Despite his reputation for being a bad boy, Prince Richard Sinclair is actually a decent sort. His persona means people like him more and don't judge him. Lady Meredith Lauder intrigues him.  He wants to save her from an awful family life and show her that some people do care.

Dominic Merchant is a youngling vampire and still has much to learn.  On the run from an elder vampire who seeks to own him, he exists by feeding only on the blood of the guilty. As he fights to protect the woman he loves and battle his past, it becomes a journey he will never forget.

A Silver Medallion
James R.

For Crystal Moore it was just going to be another visit to her grandmother — that is, until she arrived and found her Nana with a shotgun trained on her shed. To their surprise, a Mexican woman named Rosa is hiding within, and she captures their attention and their hearts with a harrowing tale of modern-day slavery and cruelty.

Evan returns to England from war to discover both his brother and father dead, his estate neglected, and his sister severely ill with a suspected heart problem. The only good thing is his childhood friend Rowena.

Passport to Murder

Emmeline Prather, an English professor at Copper Bluff University, is looking forward to spring break and the opportunity to travel to France with a handful of colleagues and students. She’s excited to get to know the group better, and at the chance to connect with her French ancestors.