Recent Reviews

WESTERN:  Luke Higgins has no one and now that his best friend is gone, his only purpose in life is to take a locket and message to his friend’s widow.  After a long journey, he finds Molly Fulton struggling to care for her son and the town’s sole restaurant. Unable to abandon her, Luke hires on as her cook, hoping to lessen her worries and fix up a few things.

Abby Blessing is cursed to never say the word “love” without an electrical breakdown. When she arrives in Cat’s Paw Cove to mind her cousin’s store, she is certain she’s doomed to a lonely existence. Beau Grayson cannot talk to a beautiful woman; his tongue never seems able to shape what he wants to say.

The Plan

CHICK-LIT:  Amelia Frothingham lives a simple, sheltered life in her hometown of Creek Water, Missouri, running her jewelry shop. She is plagued by the anxiety that keeps her chained to her routines — a safety blanket of sorts. At the age of 34, her mother wants to see her married off, but she recently let her ex, Aiden, “get away” when she chose not to leave town with him.

FAMILY SAGA:  Billy McTaggart grows up in the small town of Diggle, England. He follows in his father’s footsteps as an apprentice tapper—an esteemed job in the post-WWII railroad yard. His girlfriend, Meg, however, is not satisfied with living the working class life. One day, Billy finds something in an abandoned railcar that will change his life forever.


Zacharias “Zach” Armstrong is a career military man in 1874 Texas. His expertise is called for regarding the murder of a local couple—a husband and wife in the employment of Johanna Gunter. While on the scene, Zach finds a baby that he decides to raise himself, earning many raised eyebrows in the social dictates of the time.