Recent Reviews

Deciding Fate

Hunter Simms has had to overcome a lot of hardships in life; losing his parents as a teen and raising his younger brother and sister was just the beginning.  He had to make a lot of tough decisions and doesn

To Kiss a Rake

Melinda Starling must beware the consequences of what she chooses to do in life. Yet, she continues to buck convention, until finally it comes back to bite her fully on her derriere.

Miles Warren, the notorious Viscount Garrison has always said, “Be damned what others think.” Yet, deep down inside it gnaws at him that his reputation is so sullied.

The Lives Between Us

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Skye Kendall is a passionate woman with a head of steel. When she finds a cause worth championing she will fight to the death to achieve her goals, especially when a loved one is involved. Mark Dutton, friend of the enemy, stumbles upon the alluring Skye and develops a fondness for her.

Elle Gates is not exactly the fragile human she appears to be. Although she is a writer, she is also an intense fighter. She did survive being stabbed by an Earthbound dagger and being possessed by a demon, after all. Her father could prove to be her biggest problem if he given the chance.

CROSS GENRE/POLITICAL DRAMA:  Leilani Torres grew up in Costa Mora and fleeing the country at the age of nine forever left its mark.