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PARANORMAL:  Liam Whelan is the head of his house of empaths, and one half to a rare pair of soulmates. Unfortunately, his only leads to find her are his father’s confusing visions. Following yet another vision, Liam begins to court Laxshmi Kapadia, an Indian-American high school student with a strict traditional mother and the weight of her family’s expectations weighing her down.

Vienna Woods

Esther Lisle never thought a ride with her royal fiancé would result in murder and suspicion from the Austrian secret police, but when she wakes up from a blow to the head, she

Waking Lucy

After his dreams of becoming a doctor are brought to a sudden and disastrous halt, Samuel Wilson returns home ashamed and unable to face his former fiancée Lucy Simms.

Freed from his icy prison, Damnamenos the youngest son of Poseidon was only interested in revenge on his ex-lover and coven that betrayed him, until he discovers one of his seaw

HISTORICAL:  Danger haunts kind-hearted Julia Marsden, as the faerie king, Cadeyrn sets his sights on the maid in hopes of saving his people. Julia doesn’t believe in the fae, however, thinking them only to be the imaginary friends of her orphaned nephew.