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Just when things seem to be settling down on The Hill, things once again take a turn as Henry has doubts about becoming a father to Christine, the attorney the town has asked Henry to turn, knowing he’s suffering from Fang Fever.

Abigail Grimshaw leads a complicated magical life. She only discovered her Grimm legacy last summer. She is struggling to make the mortgage on her St. Michael’s cottage and estate while raising two adopted magical children. Jimi and Nica are newly orphaned and in need of the love and security that Abbie hopes to provide.

TIME TRAVEL: Guinevere Fry’s father was a historian obsessively devoted to the study of King Arthur. His last wish was to have his ashes scattered at Glastonbury Tor, the modern-day site that once was Avalon. In the middle of her final tribute, Gwen hears a haunting music that leads her to find a half-buried golden dragon ring. When she touches it, everything changes.

SUSPENSE: Jane Black wants to help others. It’s her calling. That’s why she opened her magical shop, Dial Witch, in the cozy hamlet of Mystic Keep. In a town where non-magical people, or regulars, co-exist with witches, warlocks, and other supernaturals, Jane tries to assuage their misgivings by offering magical assistance to her neighbours.

MYSTERY: Bram Farrell, also known as The Raven, is a private investigator who specializes in Otherworlder crimes and punishment. He is looking for time to settle down after his last adventure. He only wants to relax and spend time with his girlfriend, Naomie, who just so happens to also be his secretary.